very very sweet toning i love it vote

Brainbox Brainbox Artist

NICE! VOTED!! Please Check out my Original Gangster shirt and tell me what you think about it!

MooNo MooNo Artist from Indonesia

wah keren bro bali bgnt…hehehehe….aku jg pengen bikin wayang2an…tp masi lom ada ide…keren2 +1

gilmoreart gilmoreart Artist from United States

nice illo!

great job +1, check out my design – Exodus – let me know what you think. vote if you like it thanks.

surround surround Human

nice colors +1

plz check my latest one “sing a Song” hope you dig it XD

darruda darruda Artist from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Nice gradient!+1

posyandu posyandu Human

huww,,,,,, i like purple. nice art.. balinese style? +1

time time Human

hmm,, balinese style. original illo. +1

jancuk jancuk Human

yeahh!! nice 1. +1

jangkrik…...that’s a beautiful color mu sendiri bro…..nice hard work…..

Ray_Locks Ray_Locks Artist from Kuwait


chienchien chienchien Artist

looks like peacocks or phoenix!! like it! voted!

KaGaNga KaGaNga Artist

that’s great bro…look very cool..expecially the gradient color +1

yangko yangko Artist

thx! yup,, this is balinese style. from bali to the world! ahaha.

brainboxz brainboxz Artist from Indonesia

Awesome balinese style :)

del_core del_core Artist

koo, sangat artistic,siapa yg menang?

thechild thechild Artist

love the gradient, looks great on the shirt too +1

jemii jemii Artist

nice illustration. love your explanation “two stupid birds fighting over a girl” haha fun!

i have some new work up.
please stop by and have a look.


Janice Janice Artist from Tasmania, Australia

LOVE it. Fantastic image and great colours. +2 if I could!

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