jmoreno jmoreno Artist

love birds, voted! if you a chance take a look at my first design.

dbloc dbloc Artist

cool concept.

StreetTunes StreetTunes Artist

Now this I like.Great job bud! I like the style and colors. Please hit me back up by commenting or voting on one of my entries

skyler skyler Artist

Nice work +1 check out my VZ design let me know what you think.

xylentphree xylentphree Artist from Philippines

nice concept… +1

memokool memokool Artist

cool +1

linett linett Human



del_core del_core Artist


Very cute design!! let me know what you think of mine as well!! ps im sooooo jealous you are in CO. I used to live in copper mtn and miss it dearly.

darruda darruda Artist from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Looks beautiful…+1

abstrasctik abstrasctik Artist

amazing work mate you have my vote, plz visit mine entry comment it and maybe you will vote for me too ;D

malcolm malcolm Human


I love the birds and the simplicity and beauty of the design!

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