StreetTunes StreetTunes Artist

O_O.Crazy design bro! i like it.+1 =D, plz hit me back up with a comment or a vote.

darruda darruda Artist from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Great effect…+1

gela gela Artist

thank you :D

maxdoming maxdoming Artist from United States

lovin the comicbook esque concept. +1

yangko yangko Artist

haha. thx. damn?! great 1 +1, i like this.

abstrasctik abstrasctik Artist

+1 vote

hey this design is amaizing the color and all the compositions rulz! you have my vote so maybe you can comment mine too ;D and maybe vote for me too hehe


abstrasctik abstrasctik Artist
zǝʌǝɹןɐ ɐǝן ǝnb
zebra4 zebra4 Artist from United States

it just doesnt seem right,just slapping a square of a pic on a shirt. try taking little parts off the corners, the nill definitely vote for it, but for now….

Ray_Locks Ray_Locks Artist from Kuwait

lookin good feelin good! +1

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