lanx lanx Human

nice balance

Dantex777 Dantex777 Artist

I really have no idea how I came to this concept. I remember a ways back in my sketch pad I was thinking what would a warrior of God wear? And how could I design it from a less traditional sense. So I basically kind of came up with a helmet idea using a sheep’s face for the front face plate. I guess some inspiration came from The Gladiator move where the one fighter (During the scene with the tigers in the Colosseum) had a pull down mask with a face on it. I thought that was kind of cool.

Dogwings Dogwings Artist from United States

I appreciate your approach. Is there more description for this design – thought process – would like to read more.

pomelon pomelon Artist


juutin juutin Artist

thats awsome i love the colors and its my fav color shirt

quite clean…i miss clean designs.

happygaraje happygaraje Artist

cool, man!

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