chakigun chakigun Artist from Bulacan, Philippines

best shirt of all time hands down!

gutsdozer gutsdozer Human

I bought this a while ago. I love the design, but putting black print on a white shirt would work way better. The white print up near the collar and sleeve seams gets discolored quickly and wears out easily.

A white shirt with a black design printed on would fix that. I’d even buy it again if you did that.

REPRINT. This is a fantastic shirt, and unlike many other designs I’ve come across, I wanted to buy this one right away. REPRINT, PLEASE!!!

oh boy I agree, reprinnt pleaaasse :) :) :)
I juste love it! Im also going to buy the red riding hood because it is so awesome and i would love if you had more fairytales shirt , as you said on the hood’s page :)

Edwin_ Edwin_ Human

reprint mens small!!!!!!!!!!!

soccerskillz29 soccerskillz29 Human from United States

You’d think with such an awesome design and 12 pages of people requesting reprints and praising the design that it’d be reprinted as often as possible.

Anyway add me to the list for requesting a reprint of this.

I created an account just so I could get updates on this design… It would be really great if reprints could be done soon :)

TenTimesKarma TenTimesKarma Artist from Philippines

Reprint please! i don’t get what’s taking so long for this reprint. i think it’s a win-win situation. DBH Reprints this. DBH community and customers will be really happy. after 1 week or two it’ll be sold out again. this shirt is that good! DBH really needs to reprint this!

cheers! i want this on my body! :D

Coriolis Coriolis Human

This is a pretty epic shirt. I presumed that it was a grey tee with black birds, because the blending was done so well. I really want to buy this shirt!

ajRAINE ajRAINE Artist

reprint mens med

ShadowOX8 ShadowOX8 Human

I’d really like a reprint of this shirt. Can someone at least tell me whether or not there’s a possibility of that happening?

bennz bennz Artist from New Zealand

instant buy for me. please reprint!!

Sigma0P Sigma0P Human

Agreed. I have the Hood, now I need this.

dpegasusm dpegasusm Human

Is there any chance that this will ever be reprinted…... PLEASE reprint!

Howz Howz Artist

All other shirts I like has already been reprinted but this one still hasn’t benn reprinted. Pls, pls reprint!

dandingeroz dandingeroz Artist from Philippines

please reprint this DBH!!!!!!!

iinkblot iinkblot Artist from United States

re-print please :(

padesign padesign Human from Victoria, Australia

Escher inspired!

@ asher2789

It’s not the same as stealing from a shop. “stealing” implies a zero-sum game, where one person takes something from someone who no longer has it.

He isn’t stealing art, he’s copying it.

crandled crandled Human

Is this shirt going to be reprinted any time soon?

or is it just perma dead? I might have to make my own esher inspired T

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