that’s pretty sweet, i like it

distinkt distinkt Artist

i like it +1

cassO cassO Artist

oooo i like it :D
nice work mate

ktrix ktrix Artist

voted :D

InkCrazed InkCrazed Human

Like everyone said, the concept is great but the black background on a white t-shirt doesn’t look too hot.

nice work, tell your friends about my design – Exodus

ghost4hire ghost4hire Artist

Looks good. I’d like to see it on black or grey too

dolceQ dolceQ Artist from Italy

+1 (^_^)

surround surround Human

nice.. i like that it could be printed on many different color tee


adamo adamo Artist

voted! +1

Pasr Pasr Artist

haha cool love the concept +1

Nice Concept i loves it

MIart MIart Human

nice idee :D

kiammiki kiammiki Artist from Italy

nice composition Ciao!

duminda duminda Artist

cool +1

love it!!!!

Gringoloco Gringoloco Artist from Ecuador

i like the geometrics mixed with the skull.. very nicely done! +1

markdraws markdraws Artist

I like this one a lot. +1.

cerious22 cerious22 Artist

very nice i like +1

ikeniru ikeniru Artist from Illinois, United States

this is new. love the concept! +1 vote. :D

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