abstrasctik abstrasctik Artist

+1 vote

really nice tee, i wish have it soon XD, so plz go and check mine and tell me what you think.!

gilmoreart gilmoreart Artist from United States

nice, so wait, is silence poetry?

skyler skyler Artist

nice work +1 check out my VZ design let me know what you think.

SarahMaes SarahMaes Artist

Nice T-Shirt !!! +1 !! Please vote 4 Us to ! It’s for a contest at school!
thnx ^^

memokool memokool Artist

hehe nice +1

davytje91 davytje91 Artist

Nice work, +1 please hit mine too it’s for a belgian competition deadline this sunday

Ray_Locks Ray_Locks Artist from Kuwait

hahah!! any words on it? lol
+1 to you! hit mines too plus the VZ!! tnx

discodean discodean Artist

Pretty cool! Can’t help but think that the speech bubble would be good if it wasn’t so sharp, maybe done with some paint textures. But it’s weird and cool. +1 from Discodean


Friggin weird…I love it…+1

del_core del_core Artist


samekh samekh Artist

this freaks me out so much i wanna buy one… +1

Love that painting there, you could blow this up more methinks +1
CHeck out mine and tell me what you think if you’re feeling chatty!

whatevergrover whatevergrover Artist from United States

this is awsome. +1.nice job…check out my latest design man, tell me what you think.

tealesm tealesm Artist from CO, United States

nice concept :) deeep.

vioneta vioneta Artist

Awesome!! +1
hit mine =)

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