el_hombre el_hombre Artist

this is cool +1

maxdoming maxdoming Artist from United States

cool design, like others said, it’d look good if the pattern covered the shirt in its entirety. Good work +1

markdraws markdraws Artist

+1. Mark

+1 :D

anniemark anniemark Artist

very good!thanks for voting me 2

carment carment Artist

cheers +1

davytje91 davytje91 Artist

Many thanks to all of you. I really appreciate it.

ProperDirtz ProperDirtz Artist

thx for ur visiting nice

louvegase louvegase Human

hay I am also in the competition greets +1

seventharmy seventharmy Artist from Indonesia

very nice!! thanks for vote mine…. :) i just vote you back :) keep the good works…

Klver Klver Human

Nice one… +1

Rivootje Rivootje Human

Nice! +1


Swifty541 Swifty541 Human

Goeie davy, ge hebt men stem:d

rdeelasian rdeelasian Artist

+1 from me. Thanks for the vote. Keep in touch I have more designs to come. Let me know if you have new one too :)

1Yannick1 1Yannick1 Human

Mooi T-shirt ;)

NSR3 NSR3 Artist

nice work dude, would def wear that ;)

django django Artist

as you asked—-


keep On

asiantapout asiantapout Artist


grandee grandee Artist

voted pal

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