Voted :)

i love this. =) +1

SmirapDesigns SmirapDesigns Artist from Greece

looking good!

ronmonahan ronmonahan Artist

I like the linework, Very nice

K_Sisia K_Sisia Artist

I like your style…+1

Una_chica Una_chica Artist

+1 cool ))) really beautiful )))

jeremiahwasa jeremiahwasa Artist from Queensland, Australia

this is nice, love the pattern and flow
works well on both shirts, +1

the_jcw the_jcw Artist

good work on this one, very nice. Love the black and white

si-ajidz si-ajidz Artist

you’ve got talent you know..
vote of course…
and check my new design if you have some time..

so much my style its lovely on both the white or black ink,, totally creative voted +1 i iek the cat much it adds all the atmosphere and balance the design

memokool memokool Artist

hey henna!!! I love your dream!! nice illustration :) keep dreaming… VOTED for sure +1

dolceQ dolceQ Artist from Italy

hey henna! love it in white :) really nice, you got my vote ^^

udin_grestz udin_grestz Artist

it’s sweet +1 for it.

dibuho dibuho Artist

This is one great piece! I love black and white. Very simple, two colors joined together creates perfect image. Great tee! I really love this one! Great job! keep them coming! i vote!

nokx nokx Artist

outstanding +1 feel free to check my designs and maybe comment thanks (:

bandk4 bandk4 Human

Sweet and dreamy—love the little cat perched on the edge of the tub. This one would be hard to resist!

k_fay_1992 k_fay_1992 Artist

wow, thats sweet!
I love how you did the clouds!

yangko yangko Artist

coooooooooooooolll!! +1. check out mine. :)

shatteredfx shatteredfx Artist

Voted! Nicely done!

abstrasctik abstrasctik Artist

+1 vote
hi you work its really amizing so you have my vote.. maybe you can check mine too ;D and tell me what you think… and just maybe i had your vote :D

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