skyler skyler Artist

nice work +1 check out my VZ design let me know what you think.

vassjozsef vassjozsef Artist

Orange Love!!!!:D grate work+.hit mine to,thx

grandee grandee Artist

ga keren ah kurang gahar. ayo dong olah lagi broo

melonade melonade Artist

Very cool. Nice details.

this is great. simple but really captures general things we all love. good luck +1

aghozali aghozali Human

woi woi woi….keren euy…..

django django Artist

thx for the vote..

nice stuff


davytje91 davytje91 Artist

Nice work, +1 please hit mine too it’s for a belgian competition deadline this sunday

henna henna Artist

yeah love is nice and sweet.+ from me, take your look at my design if u want.cheers.

vioneta vioneta Artist

love it +1
hit mine =)

Inumocca Inumocca Artist from Indonesia

komposisinya ok..dah..:D

mumolabs mumolabs Artist from Yogyakarta, Indonesia

seru juga… sipp

chibiboto chibiboto Human

I like the composition of the design and colors

Tisis Tisis Artist

Great idea like the orange …maybe you could have added some more so make it a little fuller and powerful but you get my vote +1 check me out too plz peace

buko buko Artist from Macedonia

great illustration +1

clux-box clux-box Artist

Thx buddy…

darruda darruda Artist from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Cool composition..+1

Ray_Locks Ray_Locks Artist from Kuwait

nice oranges! +1 hit mines too!!

samekh samekh Artist

this is very cool… +1

kypswei kypswei Artist from Arkansas (AR), United States

Awww! How could I resist anything heart-shaped? I love it.
(Check out my design :) )

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