eleblanc7 eleblanc7 Human

lol, like another person asking for a reprint will make any difference… never the less… REPRINT

natthor natthor Human

ordered this shirt 2 weeks ago…hope it comes soon!!!

Yes, I finally got one!! Thanks for the reprint x2.

Got it! I really like it. My only complaint would be that it’s not very flattering in the shoulder area, but I don’t care. Sweet shirt.


Hell yeah, thanks for the reprints guys.

Glad that you guys reprinted this, it’s beautiful.

RagsLax4 RagsLax4 Human

reprint medium please!

ecru24 ecru24 Human

So, it might simply be my fault for waiting to purchase this shirt, and kept it open in a tab for a bit, but did the cost go from $19, to on sale for $15, then up to $24?

rodolpho rodolpho Human

oh men sold out in small (girl)!! reprint it please!!

dseward dseward Human

I would love to see this reprinted in Large.

Bremmel Bremmel Human

medium!!! por farvor.

Progniss Progniss Artist

Amazing tree shirt design. Also great handy work! Definite buy! If you have time, I am new to DBH. I would love if you checked out my VZ contest submission. I would really like to hear your input. Thanks! Hope to see more of your work soon.

Bremmel Bremmel Human

Should I still hold out hope for another reprint? I check this page almost daily…

natthor natthor Human

love this shirt, it arrived last month. girls version fits a bit weird, but thats not the designs fault i wish there was more art like this on DBH

esoteric esoteric Artist

this is awesome. i wish they would reprint a medium or large

anjinsan anjinsan Human

Good work, congratulations

there is just something to be said about a tree

gvb672 gvb672 Human

reprint in medium please!

Jupiter6 Jupiter6 Human

Cool.. I’m diggin this one too.

Daath Daath Human from Italy

Please, reprint!!!

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