Please reprint in medium

horseman horseman Human

i would be a very happy person if they reprint this shirt. It is the one shirt I really want, but I have been waiting for a while for a reprint and am losing hope =(

Will this ever get reprinted? At least gives me something? Info? I’m not buying anything as I’m saving for this shirt. (I don’t know how many times I ran short of shirt money as the result of another winner)

dpwchanel dpwchanel Human

I love this shirt please tell me how i can buy it i would like to buy 2 in large and one xl

Love it, please get back with me

Isopach Isopach Human

This is one tee that NEEDS to be reprinted. Eye-stealing.

why no reprint?

Sinn3 Sinn3 Artist

please reprint.. i really love it

Can you reprint this plz:(

josh377 josh377 Human


Dude seriously. Why haven’t you reprinted this yet? Even the artist wants it reprinted.

Sorenr Sorenr Human

Please, please reprint this. you just reprinted all of these other shirts that no one cares about.

pachuco pachuco Human


much love

Nice works. I love tree tees.


I just purchased my tree-art-wear…I use 2 climb a tree similar 2 this when I was youngin’...thanks for D-sign


Got mine in yesterday, I love it!

People in Northern CA love trees so much they live in them so they won’t get chopped down. Nice image and meaning.

dude! this one rules!

Nystricks Nystricks Human

Just ordered this as my first and only DBH shirt. Thanks so much for the reprint

ths7 ths7 Human

ugh sold out of large

Someone sell me their large. Thanks.

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