reprinttttttttt large!

Love this shirt… but need it in medium!

dagnis dagnis Artist from Latvia

L please!

tripone tripone Human

Beautiful design. Just found this site yesterday, so I hope there is a reprint. :)

VisComica VisComica Human

Well done on this one, the design is really beautifully intricate! I do agree with those that said it would be even better if the design continued onto the back though.

I think it would also look great as dark green on light, or even as black on white.

Oh and reprint please :).

unknown unknown Human

This is awesome, I’d buy a medium if reprinted.

Reprint m small. (Possibly Med by the sounds of it :S)

Oiseau Oiseau Artist

do you know how much you sold of these?

I’m sure it’s more then a thousand!

porks porks Human

Spectacular shirt that definitely needs a reprint.

markw1 markw1 Human


mikep5000 mikep5000 Human

reprint.. medium.. now

iancole iancole Human

The Large Men Desire a Reprint

Gurchus Gurchus Human

reprint in m pls :D

toki toki Human

Please reprint. Srsly.


imennow imennow Human

good job

reprint please :)

VisComica VisComica Human

I’ve said it before but I thought I’d say it again for effect: “Reprint Please!”

Essex Essex Human

Reprint in medium

Dephz515 Dephz515 Human

umm id like to purchase this beautiful piece of art work could u print them so that i may?!

johndoe johndoe Human

Come on guys, reprint L. I have been waiting for it more than month. It’s getting ridiculous.

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