Stravinsky Stravinsky Artist

Voted, I mean!

Stravinsky Stravinsky Artist

I didn’t!

iQuitt iQuitt Artist

the illustration is great. the text… not so much. but i’m not sure if DBH will print this cuz there is already an Obama shirt.

Burny Burny Human

I hope hope you get the number of votes that Obama had for winning :p

Stizzi Stizzi Artist

ooh yes, this shirt will def pick up.. im shocked u didnt recieve more votes den wat u have now… good luck… imma keep my eye out fo dis one wen it gets printed

GrosPlante GrosPlante Artist

Well executed, but a little bit too ‘‘Proud to be American’‘, if you know what I mean…

nicky nicky Human

Would be awesome if there was no text. Consider getting rid of it. Use it on a different design.


One of da best Obama prints of seen 2 date


toxicfly toxicfly Artist

Thanks Chien you rock you too Memokool

toxicfly toxicfly Artist

I did use a photo to draw obamas likeness but I drew it with the illustrator Pen tool. I did not auto trace it you couldn’t make it look like this with auto trace. Is that still OK?

I really want to know because I worked hard on this and I wouldn’t want it to infringe on someones work.

That would suck.

memokool memokool Artist

nice!! voted! +1

deadhippo deadhippo Human from Okinawa, Japan

I think the photographer of the photo this image was created from is very protective of his copyright.

chienchien chienchien Artist

Like it!

toxicfly toxicfly Artist

Give me some love people vote for me please.

toxicfly toxicfly Artist

Who wants Americana with no glitz and glam.

With the shiny silver ink grunged around the stars and the font styling.

I am sure it does not fit everyone’s taste but I wanted an obama shirt with a little shinny bling.

Thanks for your comments

I will make more designs with my obama illustration

django django Artist

I d0n’t like the typo as Osito but i like the concept…

osito osito Artist

nope, don’t like it.
also, the typo doesn’t fit

buddy79 buddy79 Artist from United States

cool! +1
You have great designs!! if you have time, please check out my designs n vote if you like them..thanks=)

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