en toch vindt ik da ge da manneke lichter had moete make XD

Diamre Diamre Human

Really cool man, like the colors very much, has got a nice flow to it.

filou filou Human

Nice t-shirt mate

DoitRight DoitRight Artist

lol Mory thxs for voting :p
now all the rest of Madlords :)

Mory Mory Human

Really nice design dynamic while still being simple, should be most effective on a T

DoitRight DoitRight Artist

ty :p I took me maybe one day to make this shirt :p

Stizzi Stizzi Artist

thats ill.. i wouldnt kno how to make that crazy colored swirly.. u should tell me how you did it :) i like the shirt,Dance Dance Revo should pay you for this shirt.

DoitRight DoitRight Artist

ty for votes mates :p

memokool memokool Artist

good idea! +1

OmarO OmarO Human

Awesome! I like the silhouette.

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