Adamtuh Adamtuh Artist

really cool man… voted

all skulls are cool. nice 1. gluck! TC

aogdesigns aogdesigns Artist


Thanks! you have so many!! I’ll have to vote for several they are all awesome!!

StreetTunes StreetTunes Artist

+1 O_O Ns!!I luff the compo and style Hit me back with a vote or comment if ya like =]

Vienna Vienna Artist

Fascinating +1
Can you plz look & vote on my design thx ^^

davytje91 davytje91 Artist

Nice work, +1 please hit mine too it’s for a belgian competition deadline this sunday

cool +1 vote my VZ~ ;)

Stizzi Stizzi Artist

is that a map or jus texture on the skulls face… i know there’s ants but under them… it sux that the black around the design isnt the same black on the shirt but its ill that you got the crease and dtails from the shirt over the design,lol… i dont kno how to do that…

Ray_Locks Ray_Locks Artist from Kuwait

+1, hit me too!!!

Studio8Worx Studio8Worx Artist from Philippines

Greattttt! voteddddd!

Pinak Pinak Artist

delhi n u r from..

darruda darruda Artist from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Jrx24 Jrx24 Human

this shirt is so sick.

pain219 pain219 Artist

I like the colour theme but it looks a bit too much like a heavy metal band shirt :D

memokool memokool Artist

nice !! man!! nice color! hehe +1

DesignFactory DesignFactory Artist from India

Thanks dear kebishoes for appreciating my stuff.

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