Cymbals Cymbals Human


burbskate burbskate Artist

cool idea

lily55 lily55 Artist

doesn’t that come from the Apple background?
But I like!

memokool memokool Artist

very koool +1


Looks great!!+1

Raven Raven Artist from Singapore

I like the water effect u did.

mcastens mcastens Artist

cool thanks everyone!

sweeeeeeeeeeet. I’d wear it.

fallen_ph fallen_ph Artist

cool v+

king_tut08 king_tut08 Artist

cool idea, i like it!

Vileblood Vileblood Artist

interesting :) +1

Soae-kreation Soae-kreation Human from Spain

very sleek

heavyprints heavyprints Artist from Alabama, United States

I think it’s rad.

SugarBlush SugarBlush Artist

Wow! Nice! Voted :D

brookeboard brookeboard Artist

this is rad! +1

mcastens mcastens Artist

thanks :)

dagnis dagnis Artist from Latvia

classy. a bit reminds me of the rolling-stones logo +1

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