awsome design!

stufford stufford Artist

pen and ink, nice concept, better print on black tee! voted+1., thanks!

yousaybolt yousaybolt Artist

nice! i like the placement

abilities abilities Artist

amazing illustration! the contrast of line and shadow really pulls it together!

Manki Manki Artist

Ohhh creative! I like the image and the scan lines ! +1

gilmoreart gilmoreart Artist from United States

so dope! PRINT!

Sweet design, very unique! +1

nice one!! +1


nostalgie nostalgie Artist

good luck and thanks for your comment :)

voglio voglio Human

A very cool stuff bro. Why don’t you just put it on DK, LOL..Good luck.

Doomflyer Doomflyer Artist

awesome graphic +1 and thanks for the vote

Kolja Kolja Artist from Serbia

I really like it! Great illustration! +1

atomichild atomichild Artist from United States

looks good

87joonbug 87joonbug Artist

very dope +1

maldini89 maldini89 Artist

Best work ever +1

radiomode radiomode Artist from Antarctica


Nnokkonen Nnokkonen Human from Finland

Just…. awesome…. I’d wear it:D +1

airobit airobit Artist from Italy

mi piace (I like it) voted!

rdeelasian rdeelasian Artist

I always liked the gas mask thing. :) +1 from me.

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