congrats! turned out a very nice print!

K-19 K-19 Artist from Denmark

Really sweet design..congratz on the win

MrRocks MrRocks Artist from New South Wales, Australia

Congrats. Well done.

mikefriedrich mikefriedrich Artist from Germany

YEAH!!! killerdesign! congrats for the win!

hey congrats

whyball whyball Artist from Romania

Congrats! looks really awesome on the shirt!

nicky nicky Human

Looks nice. Seems like a very protruding neck though.

bluebeanie bluebeanie Artist

so happy this won, super super good! well balanced, awesome!

Sleeve-O Sleeve-O Artist


Brainbox Brainbox Artist

Crazy ! I’m buying this!

campkatie campkatie Artist from Georgia, United States

congrats! great print.

Somni Somni Artist from United States

YES I wanted you to win! Congratulations man!

kennybanzai kennybanzai Artist

LOOKs Nice!

wahdi wahdi Human

nice work, simpler color but more complicated shape!

I’m a proud owner of this shirt!

DesignLawrence DesignLawrence Artist from MI, United States

you got some mad illustration skills. this is an awesome work.

Bizarremind Bizarremind Artist

Hi man, I like this! Biz

NillaFunk NillaFunk Artist

I’m pretty new to the site so I missed this when it was up for voting, but easily one of the coolest shirts I’ve seen. Really dig your work.

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