sUp3_fLy sUp3_fLy Human

i agree with you about being the first of many. havn’t seen a black rabbit portray a mythical legend. continue with your ideas and no one will stand in the way!! +1

mialinda mialinda Human

Great design! Make the splatters black glitter…that would be cool! Love you!

DoctorMole DoctorMole Artist

Looks sweet ;) +

Vileblood Vileblood Artist

aw nice, thx for your comment as well :) +1

designerd designerd Artist

cute rabbit, pls check out my designs…

Yeah, the eye might be made a bit less shocking, and perhaps make the splatters a different color, but that is really lovely!!!

_dillo_ _dillo_ Human

Might look better if the eye was just the shirt color. Like size/location/and simplicity ++

screamqueen screamqueen Artist

looks great, voted!

JigEasy JigEasy Artist

black rabbits are hot. its a bit simple, which could go either way. everything im thinking about could go either way, but i really do like it, look forward to the other versions.

I like the whole rabbit thing – I have a few ideas swirling in my head with rabbits too. I’m on the fence with the design – maybe too much rabbit on the shirt? with maybe too stark an eye? I’d keep tweaking ‘cuz overall I think it’s pretty good.

rasefour rasefour Artist from Indonesia

that’s misterious rabbit…. cool and calm… love it….

ker-bear ker-bear Human

I LOVE IT! u r talented

tiny tiny Artist

im new hir! hehe ,i vted u already ! :)

spoladore spoladore Artist from Paraná, Brazil

Is not my style, but is very different of the mostfull rabbit’s shirts. Got my vote.

I think this is just awesome. Just in the realm of bunny designs alone, it is unique and moving. Add to that your inspiration, the Black Rabbit of Inle, and the design has depth and meaning above the common design. Watership Down is a childhood favorite of mine, and even at 30 years old, I still list it as my favorite movie. Great design!!!

Awesome. On my wishlist. There could be another more ominous or mystical looking version. Either image of Inlé-rah work for me.

inle inle Human

Heya! I’m currently starting up a music alias under Inlé – is it alright to use your pic? x

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