Progniss Progniss Artist

I think if you make the highlights in the eye the shirt color and add a second ear in the background (a darker gray maybe?) this would be a killer shirt. I still love the idea and design though. Keep them coming! +1 If you have any free time I would appreciate it if you stopped by and took a look at my VZ design. I am new here and would love some input. Thanks!

-jMAS- -jMAS- Artist

awesome +1

Tisis Tisis Artist

nice nice pretty simple but i like it

mooray mooray Artist

Great design. :) Got my vote.

Check out my Invisible Pulls design, and plz vote if you think it is worthy.

100% cool

lizard lizard Artist

never know the legend. but we eat rabbits here! by the way love the black on grey! voted 1


Thank you for the warm welcome…I like your bunny…

scoslow scoslow Artist

I like the bunny! :)

Rosef Rosef Human

I would definitely wear this. It’s lovely. :]

django django Artist


nicky nicky Human


lvince87 lvince87 Artist

love the rabbit!

Rating_Satu Rating_Satu Artist

when i see this design on the t-shirt, that cool…

Steelplate Steelplate Artist

Awww I love simple things :)


i like the look of it!!! very original =)

Amazing design, we need this in shirt-form.

Hnvance Hnvance Human

very cool – let us know how to get one.

Ray_Locks Ray_Locks Artist from Kuwait

+1 hit me!!!

xylentphree xylentphree Artist from Philippines

so cute….... and nice art! ;)

lesismore lesismore Human

Amazing! You’re really talented! I like the simple design, but it’s totally different than a lot of stuff out there! :)

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