sgne sgne Human

from google …..Bite

Lance Lance Human

No sorry i’m not voting this. Seems to me too many fake votes have been around!

Nice try

loeter loeter Human

tshing :D

weederke weederke Human

nice Samurai xD

katyke katyke Human

If you don’t like, you have no taste :) I like this!

I don’t like it.

dannyy dannyy Human

nice shirt

v4nn13 v4nn13 Human

really nice picture !

Emmeke Emmeke Human

nice picture! maybe a bad placement

bad placement

BlacXiii BlacXiii Artist

Bushido Fresh. +1

Lawlight Lawlight Human

It’s nice, but the sun rays in the background kill the whole thing for me. For me, I’d wear the shirt with just the picture of the samurai, but a little bigger, and no sun rays at all. I’d also fix up the red overlay on the samurai. It doesn’t work for me.

Hellcatt Hellcatt Human

How ORIGINAL! Come on Man!!

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