I want they.

Quell Quell Human

Oh man. Awesome.

philipw philipw Artist

love it..1

arcadia29 arcadia29 Human

This is brilliance.

jlhuman jlhuman Human

I want this desperately.

cgcg cgcg Human

I second Kaizenick’s critique of the the typography but couldn’t disagree more with his two-bit political interjection. Some of the bile directed towards Obama on these threads really makes me wonder when the creative class opened its doors to the under-educated/ill-informed, though I guess it’s part and parcel of broadband penetration. Pathological cynics, on the other hand and just as regrettable, have always been with us.

I’m going to admit, that Obama is the most overused image this year, ever! But I wouldn’t put out something just to put it out homies…I have a McCain design to, its awaiting approval.

I may have voted for this had I NOT seen the McCain shirt first (Not that I voted for that either). But this is just shy a green jacket and outline from being a complete rip IMHO.

Kaizenick Kaizenick Artist

... ok, this one is half way creative as you’ve used a Bowie song/pic and combined it with Obama… but SERIOUSLY – Obama’s face = SKULLS in that it’s OVERused, cliche, and unnecessary unless done very well. I do think you’ve got a clean composition but the typograhpy could be changed to either look 80’s or somewhat modern… and if you’re going for the retro look that’s cool, just make the illustration on the Tshrit smaller, centered, and towards the top. I do think that this particular piece is creative… but I don’t think that a puppet like Obama is worthy of that creativity.

peatswift peatswift Human

I think that the cultural juxtaposition keeps this design from being tired.
Can it ship in time foe an election party please?

VeXtC VeXtC Artist

haha nice

_S3_ _S3_ Artist from Montreal/ QC, Canada

obama is over abuse for graphic

Spelled Obama. Whatevers man!

cyanide cyanide Artist

no more obombya shirts please.

Oh my Fucking God I want this shirt so bad.


ameliahall ameliahall Human from India

looks like really great to me I really love to see this video here.

Graze Graze Human from United States
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