marc marc Human

cute .

kirby145 kirby145 Human

This is the best of your drawings in my opinion

this princess has got style!
maybe try to make it smaller :0)

a very good drawing

codel codel Artist

YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH...merci madame ^^

Denis Denis Human

Everybody loves Codel! Top one on the left is my favourite…

Uelle Uelle Human

Rainbow Princess… My favorite ^^
She deserves to be printed on a T-shirt !

Shandre Shandre Human

un jour son prince viendra
et enfilera ce t-shirt

Maggie Maggie Human

ALors là, je suis super fan de ta princesse, Codel…elle est géniale, en plus, je suis carrément jalouse de sa coupe de cheveux!!!

good luck !


It looks good, but I’d say add at least a little bit of background. =D

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