lumnas lumnas Human

I like the butterflies. It is the perfect fall shirt.

herman16 herman16 Human

Love the look – the colors are eye catching and splitting up a print is very visually appealing.

Tees Tees Artist

Great design:) i like it.

kstein kstein Artist

Thank you all for your comments! I think this would make a great tshirt!

sirbeauris sirbeauris Artist

Love the idea of butterflies in the corner…It really breaks up the negative space…Good design

dudley53 dudley53 Human

This would be very nice on a tee.

interesting :)

you shouldn’t qualify your own work as beautifull or with any adjective at all, it doesn’t sound serious…

I absolutely LOVE this one. Nice change from the black, blue and grey shirts. PRINT THIS!

metric metric Human

Great colors!

love the colors and the butterflies.

nice shirt

fayebla fayebla Human

i love the colors and i hope to wear it someday!

I totally like all the ones that aren’t active or voteable anymore… dang it! I like this one. Beautiful color palate.

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