d3c3mb3r3 d3c3mb3r3 Artist

I have to agree with Tealesm well drawn though

skyler skyler Artist

nice work +1 check out my VZ design let me know wht you think.

FUCK OBAMA and i love this PRO LIFE

DesignerAni DesignerAni Artist

Pro Life all the way. I would buy it. +1 check out my design.

yousaybolt yousaybolt Artist

yea mccain gets a bad rap for sure. i one of him too. dont expect to get much of anything from his picture…

well its an art site, so i’ll vote for the shirt because it was well done but it probably hurt your chances making mccain.

artschool artschool Artist

super sweet style!

coreypurvis coreypurvis Artist

nice illustration

Stevolcom Stevolcom Artist

good drawing but FUCK MCCAIN! but good art=]]

K-19 K-19 Artist from Denmark

will not go in to the politic debate, but think its deserves a vote, since a obama shirt was already printed.

i like it. i’m a conservative but not a huge mccain fan. DEFINITELY not a palin fan. but i agree more with mccain than i do with obama so mccain will get my vote i guess… i wish huckabee were still in it… anyways +1

Ryuu Ryuu Artist

I like it.

gibble gibble Artist

Thanks Tealesm. This image has not gotten much love, I suppose the subject has something to do with it. I appreciate your feedback.

tealesm tealesm Artist from CO, United States

not a fan of him, but its the prettiest macain will ever look :) +1

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