skyler skyler Artist

nice work +1 check out my VZ design let me know wht you think.

adshark23 adshark23 Human

love it! wish i could wear it right now… :)

ra-BOTS ra-BOTS Artist

very cool, would look good on the white for sure

shox shox Artist

perfect !!! i would really want to wear this one !!
great job man.

tinhiati tinhiati Artist

niiiice work! +1

leeed leeed Artist

nice +1 check my profil

duba duba Artist

will look good printed on a shirt…

tealesm tealesm Artist from CO, United States

ya please print…+1 :)


Looks GREAT!!!+1

choppre choppre Artist from Maryland, United States

i like it. one vote for you. please check out my art.

zomb1e zomb1e Artist

mad cool, great design.

ronna15 ronna15 Artist from United States

a little to big,.but nice! +1(check out my page and latest design sometime!)

brainboxz brainboxz Artist from Indonesia

Hol god, like I’m being on operation table. Great work friend. Voted.

io_tee io_tee Artist from East Coast, Singapore

great art! and looks great on tee as well. +1

muttley muttley Artist from Philippines


Great idea, very well executed! I like this a lot!!!!!

troydesh troydesh Artist

yeah, the dark one.
cool idea!

biotwist biotwist Artist from new jersey, United States

well I voted. I like the darker one better

Sleeve-O Sleeve-O Artist


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