Guile Guile Human

Wow this is a really good idea, Great work!

ra-BOTS ra-BOTS Artist

poor misfit

Read My Name!

nice work…
i voted for you guys like i voted for the conservatives.. lol

Me Gusta Mucho0o0o!! =)

tealesm tealesm Artist from CO, United States

id’ wear it every mon,tues,fri, and sat…lol nice work. +1

its a human tellytubby!

kyrrith kyrrith Human

Really cute.

anfeather anfeather Human

u guys are cute =p

DPizzle23 DPizzle23 Human

it’s cute and i like the colors..not my style, but good work!

nice shirt, totally want it!

hehehe! nice!

Most epic shirt, ever.

i have six toes on my third foot

mark11038 mark11038 Human

sock shirt, love the city design. u got my vote!

votes for wicked tee

i looove this shirt!!!!

awesome shirt guys…you’ve got eric’s vote!

Pathard Pathard Human

Freakin’ awesome looking design there! .vote

Noiseless Noiseless Human

Really good design! +1

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