eydee eydee Artist from Philippines

cuteness :D Voted!

Checkout my entry and let me know what you think. Tnx!


this is cute!

JLBen JLBen Human

Just do what I did – don’t grow up. :)

I absolutely love the artwork and the imagery here. Incredible.

erique erique Artist

I like it and especially on a black shirt. Should be printed on a girls shirt.

troydesh troydesh Artist

everybody knows…
it sucks to grow up.
but everybody does.
it’s so weird to be back here.
let me tell you what..
the years go on,
and we’re still fighting it.

i don’t think a t-shirt has ever made me cry before…

plus a million

beautious line work :D

srick77 srick77 Human

Fantastic design!

Coolkid12 Coolkid12 Human

Love this shirt, if comes out I would buy 2 in different colors.

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