eddroard eddroard Human

I love sheeps!!!

muttley muttley Artist from Philippines

heheh! awesome! +1

hahaha, good concept man! +1

kooky-love kooky-love Artist from Semarang, Indonesia


tealesm tealesm Artist from CO, United States

nice idea! +one.

imobasura imobasura Artist

excellent. I adore this design +1 :)

yeohgh yeohgh Artist

AWESOME!!!! Hue, u r gettting HOTTEST in DBH!!! KEEP ROCKING!!!!

haha cute! +1!

fun- is the sheep counting sheep?

ra-BOTS ra-BOTS Artist

heh, very nice

kdeuce kdeuce Artist from United States


troydesh troydesh Artist

i really like the sheep a lot…
i enjoy your illustration style

i’m not sure about the sleeping mask..
i get it, but seems like it takes away from the rest of the drawing.

really cool though.

herky herky Artist from United States

yes, nice one! +1

haha i like ur style!! +1

WinterArtwork WinterArtwork Artist from Barbados

hahahaha! at first I though they were Kanye shades! put this on a dark blue tee so it goes with the stars in the sky

artschool artschool Artist

ahaha your pumping them out…
the sheep should be counting people jumping a fence hahah….i like it

thats cool. i like the lines on the sheep

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