SantoMuerto SantoMuerto Artist

Very sweet fragmented art piece+1

tealesm tealesm Artist from CO, United States

nice lookin graphic, but make the design biggaaaa on tha t :) +1

Soae-kreation Soae-kreation Human from Spain


nostalgie nostalgie Artist

i like this one alot!

TrickinSid TrickinSid Artist

Yes..interesting….like it.

eydee eydee Artist from Philippines


Checkout my holloweek entry and let me know what you think. Tnx!

i think the placement should be bottom left and the graphic should be bigger so its kinda wraparound.
but her that’s just my opinion i like it anyway. +1

i agree with troydesh; the face size is good, but more blue & red to go all over the shirt would be perfect. +1 :]

monk monk Artist

great artwork! voted

mikefriedrich mikefriedrich Artist from Germany

and it would be cool to get your vote also for my hallowek submission “don’t scare me!”... for sure, only if you like it! thanks and chEErs.

mikefriedrich mikefriedrich Artist from Germany

voted!! really cool stroke! +1

Very very nice! I would wear this! Check out my “King of Hearts” design and tell me what you think!

troydesh troydesh Artist

i wouldn’t blow it up… keep the face the same size and just add more blue/red “hair”... enough to cover the whole shirt…

i really like the illustration.

Kaizenick Kaizenick Artist

Blow it up and include the shirt as a contrast color of either the gray or red and it becomes psychedelic – GREAT freakin’ concept, please re-submit!!! :D

HySeDe HySeDe Artist

Can’t agree more with the rest. Props for your hard work, but a jumbo-print would do the biggest trick. +1 and keep it up. You’ve got something special.

fallen_ph fallen_ph Artist

like the artwork again….probably would look better if it was a jumbo print :)+1

ra-BOTS ra-BOTS Artist

make the print oversize and possibly on a different coloured shirt? but very cool image for sure

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