heavyprints heavyprints Artist from Alabama, United States

amazing work my friend

tungak tungak Artist

wow awesome design!!!one vote for you!if you have time check my designs.

atomichild atomichild Artist from United States

nice shirt man

Evanimal Evanimal Artist

This is the shit! Nice composition, easy to follow, and your lines are delish. Good work man! You’re outta LA? What do you do during the day?

LoftySofty LoftySofty Artist

love it

dabigond dabigond Artist

cool character! love it..

hmx23 hmx23 Artist

crazy stuff!!!

check mine out!!

eydee eydee Artist from Philippines

Nice work man.
Checkout mine and let me know what you think. Tnx!

alchris alchris Artist

funny +1

haha gruesome and fun!


csj89 csj89 Artist from Philippines

too awesome!

benny benny Artist

thanks for the comment, this is amazing…voted

Plissken Plissken Artist

mmmmm…brains…! Gross goodness

robsoul robsoul Artist from United States

omg, brian piiiieeeee, nasty son, I love it!

xiaobaosg xiaobaosg Artist from Singapore

love it~!!

Nice detail!

enthos enthos Human

Gorgeous Work! 1++++

mikefriedrich mikefriedrich Artist from Germany

yeah, killer illu!!! +1
and it would be cool to get your vote at my latest halloweek submission “don’t scare me!” :) ..... for sure, only, if you like it! thanks and chEErs! :)

SantoMuerto SantoMuerto Artist

This is sick as Fack Werd

myargie22 myargie22 Artist from Philippines

like it comics.

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