tungak tungak Artist

cool man! one vote for you!if you have time check my new designs….thanks

kdeuce kdeuce Artist from United States

interesting. +1

skyler skyler Artist

cool design +1 check out my haloween designs let me know what you think.

suburbanhijinx suburbanhijinx Artist from Detroit, MI, United States

thanks for the kind words!

This is an awesome design.

I want to put it on and pleasure myself.

Wow! Incredible design. I love it +1

robstarrs robstarrs Human

Nice work bro!! i like

lapolczy lapolczy Human


casey2449 casey2449 Human

Thats pretty Sweet dude ….I like it

dude… pretty awsome!! i would totally wear that shit!

zeinab89x zeinab89x Human

i like it but honestly i dunno bout the colors james they might be…too guyish you might wanna make that in one more color maybe a soft yellow or even a pink that way girls can wear them too . if u make those in a brighter color ild def sport one of those!

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