BszyjkaA4 BszyjkaA4 Human

wow. really cool.
hopefully this will be goin on my next order

cpdesign cpdesign Artist from United States

Nice. It’s like Sin City, Dick Tracey and the new movie by Frank Miller The Spirit all tied into one design. I guess I shoulda stuck to just black and white on my design. Looks like you got the popularity for sure 267 and counting, dang.

I really like this style : ]

f-rockwell f-rockwell Artist

sorry man, i thought i voted for this. i loved it when it came out and still do! tight. thanks for the vote!

StormInk StormInk Artist

I wish the line work in the design was slightly more involved. But its a nice design anyways.

But seriously… more detail with your lines and this would be a shirt to die for.

amatic amatic Artist

great design, especially the right shoulder, ( where the gun goes off!)

CJaxLax CJaxLax Artist

I like this a lot, a tee with a narrative, 1950’s/comic illustration. nice. voted!

yeah, man, its sick!
and i love the simplicity of just black and white

AnteBellum AnteBellum Artist

legit! +1

eyetigre eyetigre Human

It’s cool.

iceejona iceejona Artist

Awsome !!
:) Vote +1

Nice dude! I probably would have thrown a touch of colour in there maybe in the gun blast but wicked placement! Looks great!

Evanimal Evanimal Artist

Sick man, a little live trace-y, but a really solid concept

cafiero cafiero Artist

simple. rad. hell yeah. +1

i really like the gunshot graphic in contrast with the clean lines of the rest of the composition

yangko yangko Artist

wow!! nice!. voted it.

makkarei makkarei Artist

amazing +1!

suburbanhijinx suburbanhijinx Artist from Detroit, MI, United States

why has this not been printed yet?!!?

vii23 vii23 Human

rowdy werk =]] love it!

dallyn dallyn Artist

shit dude i like. how has this not won by now? it’s got a lot of votes eh, voted+1

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