Mochem Mochem Human

Love the eyes.



Kaizenick Kaizenick Artist

Donni Darko Style – I like it – the lack of black inside the white of the head/ears allows the eyes to just POP out, which is great – But I think a few lines in the ears would actually draw the vision down towards the eyes/face… and actually accentuate that part. Also, this design is strong enough in detail where it could be blown up to the point where the teeth touch the bottom of the shirt and the ears come off the shoulders, forming a HUGE “V” with the face lower on the shirt… and keep it totally black and white. Great first showing _ VOTED.

sloth sloth Artist from Singapore

simple yet cool man. will wear it. :D +1

pribeiro pribeiro Artist

Definitely cool…+1….check out my new entries “Inner Self”, “Moonlighter” and “Artificial Intelligence”, tell what you think about them and vote if you like any!! Thanks.

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