jamjahal jamjahal Human

love this style.

WaxLily WaxLily Human

so so pretty. ppl are right though; The type should go. Understand the type goes with the “x” on her eye, but the starburst and type—more like packaging, awkward placement. As far as the illo goes, you’re right up there with Amy Sol & Erté. Love the vintage colors as well!!

this is what i called an awesome design.

electrifried electrifried Artist from Australia

cool illustration! looks a bit weird with the text at the bottom though

themicawber themicawber Artist


sweet illustration! but whats up with the mockup? hm. anyway. +1

i like it good work!!

very nice but gotta agree drop the type lol other then that +1

Sublevel Sublevel Artist

Oh this is a unique work. You´ve great talent.

Midas Midas Artist

Yeash! I would wear it…!+1


django django Artist

NICE 1..
check my new one if you want..

wotto wotto Artist from CA, United States

lose the type = winner. voted

a_mar_illo a_mar_illo Artist from Spain

agree to the type away comments, but great illo, voted+

madeforyou madeforyou Artist

nice A! yea you don’t need the type, anyway +1!

shantyshawn shantyshawn Artist from New York, United States

Love it!

nostalgie nostalgie Artist

i love this!!! vote for you

duba duba Artist

awesome illustration..lose the text though..

fallen_ph fallen_ph Artist

love your illustration on this one!+1

pulpaloos pulpaloos Artist

awesomee! but i agree that the text should not be there ><

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