pure awesomecoolioliciousness =) lol .. it’s sweeeeeeet !

krazyhipo krazyhipo Artist

Thanks guys i really hope that this gets pick… i kinda want one too lol….

duapulos duapulos Artist

congratulations, intelligent design

alchris alchris Artist

nice +1

i wanna have one of those!!! it’s really cool!
check out my new submission please :)

i like how the lower loop thing like fits the hip perfectly. it’s hot

Zier7 Zier7 Human


Elegant and ethereal – I’d buy that.

thinksnow thinksnow Human

I love it! If this is your first, I can’t wait to see more. Definitely print.

ltysflik ltysflik Artist


little_j little_j Human

=D ….i like

khall8806 khall8806 Human

amazing :)

duba duba Artist

the placement says it all…:)

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