neat!im from gaia

dipstick dipstick Human

Very interesting!


this is really good

Very interesting. Judging from your art, you must be a very creative person, because it looks fabulous _

cool i like it very much

pansocueP pansocueP Human

i’ll make you love me.

Yo. Masked-Phantom sent me, and I must say, she was right. Your art is cool. This one is my favorite, so it gets my vote. Good luck!

this is very pretty.
weird… i noticed it was a girl before i noticed it was a tree..
(masked-phantom seent me.)

spacemonkeydr spacemonkeydr Artist from California, United States

I think its great the way it is, nice job +1

EVIL CANDY TREE!!!! flails with joy I really love the stylization and the shading too—the candy seems to glow >D

this is so goddamn awesome dude! +1 voted hope you win cause i would buy this lol good luck

leeed leeed Artist

so nice i like it winn

Kaizenick Kaizenick Artist

AWESOME concept – but the execution could use a little more detail / stylization – and this is one design where the subject could be a little more framed within the front part of the Tshirt – f’ing awesome idea!!!

Logicspice Logicspice Artist

Awesome design, +1 :)

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