komm komm Artist

mhmm i love rainy days. this is so fun. with fun colors. +1. just did it.

will you be so kind to help us out and vote for my design, Human After All? it is inspired by Daft Punk.


nostalgie nostalgie Artist

so cute idea, the fond is also great!!! vote for you, good luck!!

Olympia Olympia Artist


shox shox Artist

simple and very interesting hope i could be that simple ! :D .. keep up the good work

novus novus Artist

i really like it! +1

krazykaz krazykaz Human

gorgeous design i hope you win!!!!!!
love it joc!
it’s me KT (Karin) :)

Sublevel Sublevel Artist

This one is cute! Wonderful work, especially on the water. Good luck with this! I hope you win, because i would buy it. Maybe on another shirt color :)

themicawber themicawber Artist

This is a great illustration…loving the colours! +1

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