jaimz jaimz Artist

ooh pero tambien estas en DBH! q buena onda

compre argentino! ;D!

arriba los votos

TalkingToTheGround TalkingToTheGround Human from United States

SICK! Rock on bro!

Apneafix Apneafix Artist


krisc krisc Human

I agree with ineedalogin. Remove the word and it’s a winner.

i like it, but i don’t think the word dreams should be there… if that’s not on it, i’d want one

Gribbs Gribbs Artist

voted. Nice mix dude. maybe you could return the favor? 8^)

Erber Erber Artist

i like it ! beautiful effect

shellsing shellsing Artist

Amazing work! I’m not that big of a fan of skulls though, but this still has my vote (:

Matt-ate-u Matt-ate-u Artist

This is radical, love the use of black and white photos.

skullface skullface Human

lovin’ it

hyperhyphen hyperhyphen Artist

hate you:)..... this is too good

wyel88 wyel88 Artist

this is great :)

radiomode radiomode Artist from Antarctica

so so funky!

leeed leeed Artist

nice voted

muttley muttley Artist from Philippines

awesome! voted

buddy79 buddy79 Artist from United States

Great! vote+1
You have great designs!! if you have time, please check out my designs n vote if you like them..thanks=)

UomoNuovo UomoNuovo Artist

It’s a shame this didn’t get printed! Great design.

bladerunner bladerunner Artist from Qld, Australia


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