FeelcITsym FeelcITsym Artist

This could easily be printed on a white shirt using gradients and water-based inks, which Design by Humans offers. I don’t think they would have accepted it otherwise.

malicho malicho Artist from United States

that’s cool, how will that get printed?

WalnutSoap WalnutSoap Artist

I’d buy one for every day of the week if this was printed, I wanna wear it all the time!

However, I think it’s too many colours to be printed. I HOPE NOT THOUGH!

this would be a really cool print

artschool artschool Artist


Love Chicago, love the picture, love the shirt! Top shelf!!

radiomode radiomode Artist from Antarctica

Love it! photo on tshirt will always looks awe

fallen_ph fallen_ph Artist

looks good…..voted+1

I love when people make pictures rainbows.

NICE chi-town I love…

Wow, simply stunning. It really looks like a dream world.

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