choubak choubak Artist

funny one and i love the style +1
please check my design

Mr_onion Mr_onion Artist

this is cool!!!...+1

hsann hsann Artist

wierd but i love it ..can u vote for Jump into my wsorld! for mine .thanks

mikefriedrich mikefriedrich Artist from Germany

ahahaha, thats great!! +1 love the stroke!

and it would be so great to get your vote also for my 10000$-seminfinalists-design “Thrillin Bear”

Thanks so much!!

Gallagher Gallagher Artist

sick design, haha so weird +1

october october Artist

i’d buy it. +1
check out my “eye candy”, you may enjoy it

iQuitt iQuitt Artist

this is so cool… +1

please vote for my work too, “Sharky-Shark!” and “Eye-Poppin’”

Delictum Delictum Human

first time i would ever want to see someone puke

i’d leave out the text. otherwise it is really cool.

shibbiy shibbiy Artist

The puke effect is amazing +1

minotaure minotaure Artist

cool but that rainbow it missing some colors, its more like a rasta yawn.

fouad666 fouad666 Human from Egypt

i cum blood
it will be great :D

Drake Drake Artist

Great design! Please vote for my latest work too, “Modern Religion”

Greetz Drake

leeed leeed Artist

nice+1 do you vote for my laste design “autumn”

SantoMuerto SantoMuerto Artist


Yeah i cum blood….thats my next design

lol I wish people did that


nostalgie nostalgie Artist

yes, me too, should happen much more! voted and greeings..

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