dxtr dxtr Artist

wow. nice work miss. awesome print! congrats.

jimiyo jimiyo Artist from United States


f———-g Awesome.

fouad666 fouad666 Human from Egypt

This is AWESOME !

JadenKale JadenKale Human from United States

Grats again, MissMonster! You’re running out of stuff to print… planning on putting up some more soon?

Sublevel Sublevel Artist

Wohooooo! I was just about to comment on the submission saying sad that this never got printed. You really deserve this and it looks very nice.

pillbill pillbill Human

Great tee got the evil halloween , bt this one takes the cake :

linaley linaley Artist

pretty cool..like the colors

Great design! This so needs a reprint in womens sizes!

wolfentir wolfentir Artist

this is too awesome not to buy, i just hope i can get some money before it sells out!

love it.

rshore rshore Human

i ordered this shirt the other day and im so excited to get it!

Giganticus Giganticus Human from -, Sweden

FFFFFFFF DO WANT!... But i’m not small! D:

metalsan metalsan Artist from Venezuela

Wow, very nice!

padesign padesign Human from Victoria, Australia

Would love to see this reprinted.

dJeyL dJeyL Human from France

Reprint please.

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