Sweet design, how is this not more popular?

designerd designerd Artist

... to conclusively and solely put the blame on terrorists as culprits in 9/11 bombing, we are actually discounting the possibility of a plot – executed in a well-coordinated manner – carried out to justify Iraq invasion of the US in what skeptics say a grand conspiracy of the 21st century. I might be wrong, but as long as the mystery in the World Trade Center bombing remains a jigsaw puzzle, no one could actually say, myself included, that Bin Laden and his minions were the ‘only’ responsible people behind the said crime. This is what I theorize guys after a short research on the above subject. You are always welcome to dispute my statement. Thank you.

mlackey mlackey Human

what’s this ‘terrorists’ supposed to mean? what are you implying?

Gallagher Gallagher Artist

cool lookin shirt, didnt know they were the twin towers til i clicked it +1, mind checkin out my only/ newest design

iQuitt iQuitt Artist

wow! this is cool! kinda like a movie poster thing. but doesn’t it have too many colors?

op1805 op1805 Artist

now this is cool! i love the meaning of it! ahh it makes me sad but i love it :) +1
check out mine too please :)

cwmccart cwmccart Artist

what do you mean, ‘terrorists’?

Drake Drake Artist

Great design! Please vote for my latest work too, “Modern Religion”

Greetz Drake

leeed leeed Artist

nice+1 do you vote for my laste design “autumn”

senbosen senbosen Artist

this is great man+1

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