this is realli sweet :)
i hope you do well… you’ve realli gone into a lot of detail !
it would be sweet in hot pink or green as well.
good luck :)

Maddi_R Maddi_R Human

Incredible design, I want one.
Make a chick shirt ;]

yay team

kaylabear kaylabear Human

i like to feel like i had some input into this :) hahaha, “put my name in it!” hahaha “or some love hearts” haha lucky u didnt listen to me

madge08 madge08 Human

nice design :) alex.

rhi_bee6 rhi_bee6 Human

great stuff as always. it looks like it has texture rather then just being boringly drab. overall awesome!

nessmess nessmess Human

you never cease to surprise me with the quality of your designs. i think they just get better and better!
nice work chris :)

blake_w blake_w Human

That design is awesome! Gl with it all

Aspeyyy Aspeyyy Human

That looks great, awesome design! I would love to buy one if they went retail.

Keep up the design work, truly Amazing.

elli elli Human

Hey! Love your design! Keep up the great work and good luck! How much would this retail for? I’d love to buy it :)

Holly shit this is amazing

can i buy 4 of these


like WOW

cgm3 cgm3 Human

Pretty nicee design! You are veryy clever haha =)

zimjess69 zimjess69 Human

awesome design Chris, I hope you are successful :->

pomky pomky Human

Great design, Original, Bold and Intricate definitely a great.

chris_805 chris_805 Human


baybe its Nuffing for a boss mayn.
Nuffin for a boss mayn

Nice design, Would definitely buy this!!

Tynealj Tynealj Human

Your amazing…. :D

See you soon CHRISTOPHER :P


absolutely awesome for the 1st sub…..voted!
do visit my work.

leeed leeed Artist

nice+1 do you vote for my laste design “autumn”

Drake Drake Artist

Great design! Please vote for my latest work too, “Modern Religion”

Greetz Drake

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