fabiosimple fabiosimple Artist

good work

hsann hsann Artist

sick use of colour ..very alluring

nice _

very nice! love colors.

glasperle glasperle Artist

very nice design…always actual but especially now big part of my perception and feelin

Bajer Bajer Artist

Thats cool

hipauliee hipauliee Artist from United States

by the way. I’ll go ahead and give you a vote in good spirit. good luck. and please, for the sake of everyone on this site… take it easy on the vote whoring.

hipauliee hipauliee Artist from United States

huh. word of advice. people will vote for your design if they really like it. no need to ask everyone to vote for it by voting for theirs. I’m going to be a critic. If you look at past submissions/the museum, you will find this idea played out manyyy times. I don’t like how the birds are distorted on the mans left sleeve. This is alright for a submission, but try to incorporate something that will really WOW the people here. Looks like you have just gotten votes for voting on other people’s stuff. You’ll know when you really did something when you get dagnis, Incarnadine, mathiole, or any of the other most popular humans commenting. hah sorry if I seem like a dick but I’m spittin the truth.

caiocall caiocall Artist


cedarrose cedarrose Artist

fabulous +1000

cxjn cxjn Artist


nice work!...+1

Gringoloco Gringoloco Artist from Ecuador

it’s nice! +1

Drama Drama Artist

great design but I’m. Not sure of the text…+1

This is great man. Good job. Thanks for the vote on my other design as well.+1

Nice bro, very autumn view, vote 1

thanks for your support. I really like this. Nice job. +1

irnerd irnerd Artist

actually, i think it looks good as a shirt. nice +vote. oh, thanks for voting for me!

qwerty334 qwerty334 Artist

Very cool +1

Roche Roche Artist

this is cool

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