wayne, im really liking my face on this shirt… and just like some others said, the heart is screamin at me, you should smear it

GeePee GeePee Artist from United States

excellent. just needs to be dampened on a female torso

yea you really should make the heart a little transparent. It just sorta yells out. so do it.

lalas lalas Artist

woooooooooooooow voted for you!

Please, now, visit my gallery and vote for me :):):)

leeed leeed Artist

nice+1 do you vote for my laste design “autumn”

nostalgie nostalgie Artist

simple and very cool…maybe you could blur the heart, too? +1 come, take a look at my design!

keep it up keep it up!!! WOO

love love love the heart..and her hair…
look and design & vote for sure :)

fallen_ph fallen_ph Artist


i would like to have that one.

I love this shirt, great ideas, Please keep them coming.

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