leeed leeed Artist

nice works +1 plz do you vote for my laste design autumn

got my vote!!..
do visit & vote for me :)

tahar tahar Artist

cool ! +1 love the colors -b check out my works thanks

akoelle akoelle Artist

great colors!

the_jcw the_jcw Artist

nice idea

WinterArtwork WinterArtwork Artist from Barbados

it seems a bit spare for the stlye that you’re using…I’d have liked if you to filled up the entire shirt

dcdesigns dcdesigns Artist

nice shirt! +1

Also vote for my shirt “Christ the Redeemer!”



Pedebabz Pedebabz Human

Me like.

think think Artist

nice mis of hand-drawn and clean vector elements

pici pici Artist

very cool!! voted


This is effing amazing.
You have skillz.
This WILL be a beastly shirt.

Greg, this is sick :)

TheColl TheColl Human

I love this hard dude!

fallen_ph fallen_ph Artist


i love thisss :)

SantoMuerto SantoMuerto Artist

Great message and cool artwork+1

Pretty much the sickest thing ever.

katie8901 katie8901 Human

this is a super sick design; i would sooo wear it =]

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