Drake Drake Artist

Haha I see I already voted for it! :D Good luck with it! If you ever place another design! Holler at me and i’ll give that one my vote too!

Greetz Drake

mikefriedrich mikefriedrich Artist from Germany

i like it! nice theme! +1

Enchanting art, this came out brilliant .. vote 1

DeadRight DeadRight Artist

Interesting design. I like it.

Psykopat Psykopat Artist

Thanx for your vote, you got mine for your vote ;)

tahar tahar Artist

voted +1 thanks


Rajesh Rajesh Human

Really nice stuff. Really refreshing. Looking forward to more stuff from you

kabalentot kabalentot Artist

this came out really nice…voted!

Nice work, thanks for your vote :)

Thanks Seans..love your design too

Seans Seans Artist

awesome! underwater creatures are always a plus, and the composition is great! +1

gsdjj gsdjj Artist


thanks for the comments mwdesign…the fishes were my way of adding wings to the seahorse..don’t know just thought it was interesting to add them.

spectrumart spectrumart Artist

Cool stuff..

enyojosh enyojosh Human

Thanks for the vote! voted for yours +1

lucglobal lucglobal Artist

thanks for your comments and vote! i have returned favour. and i also like your work very much,beautifully done.

cerious22 cerious22 Artist

Killer Design i Like! Voted

mwdesign mwdesign Artist

hey, thx for the vote!
i like your design, not really my style, but i like it that you’ve put your dreams in your design, their the most powerfull way of expressing via your mind:) maybe you can tell us about your dream and how it’s related to your graphic? because purely looking at it i’d scrap the fishes, because the seahore with the paracutes is a strong image!

thanks lolobrown20…in fact working on some designs..will submit soon..

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