B-E-A-utiful shirt. Love the colors. Voted.

tahar tahar Artist

cool love the colors – +1

Slicken Slicken Artist



Amazing shirt! I voted.

Perdana Perdana Artist

cool…i like it

kabalentot kabalentot Artist

i would “dye” 4 this shirt +1

bicozikan bicozikan Artist

Whoa this is god damn beautiful. Love how vibrant the design is on the right compared to the left

alrightok alrightok Artist

awesome dude

pici pici Artist

very cool!! voted

suceda suceda Artist


jsheldon jsheldon Artist from United States

nice! +1

Xquzer Xquzer Human from Netherlands

Great work.
I like the way you have combined styles from different times.
You have got my vote.

del_core del_core Artist

vote!have a nice day

ceccepp ceccepp Artist

voted!!! love your clean vectors!!!

love this dude!

Chris, dude…haha your killin’ me! lol amazing job buddy!

-EPIC- -EPIC- Artist

hella tight.

I would wear this.

Janice Janice Artist from Tasmania, Australia

completely totally fantastic.

Gozz Gozz Artist


fuckmee, this is amazing

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